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What is Anti-reflex lenses?

Sometimes after taking photos, if you wear glasses, the light bounces of your lenses and makes it difficult to see your eyes. Or may be you had difficulty during driving at night. But why this happens? when we use glasses, regular lenses allow light to pass only for 92 percent. It can make it difficult to see properly specially in low-light conditions such as driving at night.

 HMC anti reflex 1,56 HOTTA

The modern technology, anti-reflective coating can eliminate the reflection of light and allow about 99 percent of light to pass. This extremely thin layer reduces glare and “halos’ around light sources at night.

What is HMC technology?

HMC is a multi-layered combination of multiple coatings, which covers the plastic lenses in a certain condition. This type of lenses are thinner and more lightweight than the tradition glass lenses. Performance of hard coat lenses offers you high quality scratch resistance. Beside of an AR coating, not only the optical performance enhances but also the life of the lens.

Anti-Reflex benefits:

Anti-reflex coating reduce glare that reflects of your lenses. So this modern technology not only improves your vision, but also makes your eyeglasses literally invisible making it easier for you to have better eye contact with people in different situations. As mentioned before, AR allows more lights to pass through your lenses, so your eyes will be more comfortable in all lighting conditions (e.g; night or dark situations).

If you spend a lot of time working behind a computer, you might benefit from an AR coating that filters out blue light. This combination improves vision clarity while reducing eye strain. Although AR improves durability of your lenses because of it’s scratch-resistance, in the case with blue light cut, life time of your glasses decrease and you have to test your lenses after one or two year.

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Anti-Reflex lenses made by Hotta;

Hotta vision offers a complete portfolio of Anti-Reflective coating with superior visual performance, clarity, scratch-resistance and durability. It protects your eyes against uv400 rays. With EMI coating, the discomfort you may experience during working with digital screens will reduce due to blue light cut. Hotta vision lenses are loaded with a super hydrophobic coating which makes them smudge free. So we can say these Hotta lenses are perfect for everyday use.