About us

HOTTA OPTICAL GLASSES CO., LTD main office is located in Kanagawa, Japan, and the main center of manufacturing lenses is in Hong Kong city. In 1998, our company’s work has begun and after years now it is one of the world’s greatest - producing brands of lenses in Asia and around the world, so that a variety of lenses with indexes 1.499, 1.56, 1.61 and 1.67 with Uncoated, Hard Coated, and Hard Multi-Coated in single vision, plus cylinder, minus cylinder, round-shape bifocal, flat top bifocal and progressive lenses.

These models currently being produced and presented to international markets as well as we provide International Japanese standard and technical staffs. Attention to the guaranteed quality and satisfaction of customers has been the first principles of Hotta company, and by attracting additional ideas and recommendations by consumers, we are going to improve the quality of products every day.

Our company started to produce optical lenses in 1988, at that time, only mineral lenses. Now, we mainly produce organic lenses, including CR-39 1.499, 1.56, 1.61 and 1.67 index with Uncoated, Hard Coated, and Hard Multi-Coated in single vision, minus cylinder, plus cylinder, progressive, round-shape bifocal and flat top bifocal lenses.
Now we possess International standard workshops and excellent technical staffs. We imported foreign advanced optical production equipment and inspection apparatus to manufacture high quality lenses. We have applied a rigorous management strategy to ensure that quality of our products is completely high and delivery time will be punctual. We sincerely welcome consumers and opticians from all over the world to work together.